Auktionssaison 2023:

Jungpferde: 2 - 5 März

Fohlen: 18 - 21 Mai 

Fohlen: 15 - 18 Juni 

Fohlen: 10 - 13 August 

Fohlen: 28 - 01 September

Fohlen: 19 - 22 Oktober 

Zucht: 16 - 19 November 

Junge Pferde: 14 - 17 Dezember

2023 Fohlen-/Jungpferdeanmeldung?


How to buy at the auction:

1. Register at 'Login'.

2. Confirm the activation e-mail.

3. Place ur bid between 28 September - 01 October 2023.

4. Keep an eye on the bidding status at 'my bids' (Tip: refresh the page sometimes)

5. 01 oktober 2023 from 20:00 (CEST) will the auction close done, the last bid for every item will be extended by 5 minutes before it comes final.

6. U are the highest bidder, congratulations! 

7. After allocation from HorseSales.Auction u will receive an email with all information for a succesfull agreement.

Harold Renken is a well known breeder. With over 25 years of experience and between 30 to 35 foals a year, he gained a lot of 'field' experience. His 'Stoeterij Renken' has over the past years more than 60 international references. Harold operates from the north part of the Netherlands in a town called Vriescheloo. 

Chris de Heer is in the hippic circle a familiar face. He's the voice behind events at Clipmyhorse and Eurosport. And beside his journalism activities he's busy with his dealing- and breeding stable in the south part of the Netherlands. He gained auction experience at the BWFA where he's a member of the board of directors. 

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