Fourth & Final foal Auction 2021

U still have one chance: 30 sept - 3 oct!

Ended on Oct 3, 2021, 10:28 PM

37 foal

For the final of our foalauction season we where able to select 36 items. Are u the one who secures the last 2021 foal season chance!

Status: Closed
Conditions: Click here
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Ended auctions

Donnarumma Siraxta Z

‘Top blood from dam line of 1m60 GP stallions Major and Perfect de Coquerie’

1. Donnarumma Siraxta Z

Diamant de Semilly x Sandro Boy

°2021 Mare Foal

Viking van de Bisschop

'Directly back on the 1m60 mare Babbe van’t Roosakker'

2. Viking van de Bisschop

Chacco Blue x Radco d'Houtveld

°2021 Stallion Foal ICSI


‘Mother classified 1m40 already produced 1m45 jumping horse’

3. Rappido

Nixon van't Meulenhof x Mr. Blue

°2021 Stallion Foal ET

Diagonn Z

‘From the sister of the 1m55 classified Re Fina LS’

4. Diagonn Z

Diarado x Aganix du seigneur Z

°2021 Stallion Foal

Eden Star Z

‘Grandmother sister of four SF stallions including Rahotep de Toscane’

5. Eden Star Z

El Barone III Z x Quick Star

°2021 Mare Foal

Harold van het Oosthof Z

‘Heartbreaker out of the full sister of GP stallion Emerald’

6. Harold van het Oosthof Z

Heartbreaker x Diamant de Semilly

°2021 Stallion Foal ICSI

Grandy van de Reeberg Z

‘Grandmother the sister of jumping greatness Verdi TN’

7. Grandy van de Reeberg Z

Grandorado TN x Douglas

°2021 Mare Foal

Real Deal v/d Kalevallei

‘Back on the 1m60 classified full sister of Kashmir van Schuttershof’

8. Real Deal v/d Kalevallei

Emerald x Chin Chin

°2021 Stallion Foal


'From the dam of one 1m60 and two 1m50 jumpers'

9. Resibalia

Comme il Faut x Cavalier

°2021 Mare Foal ET

Com Corrado AL Z

'Proven blood in modern package'

10. Com Corrado AL Z

Comme il Faut x Corrado I

°2021 Stallion Foal


‘Dam line founder Ninke R in top packaging’

11. Ricola

Emerald x Warrant

°2021 Mare Foal

Coutinho Siraxta Z

‘Great balance in a modern type from the dam line of HICKSTEAD’

12. Coutinho Siraxta Z

Cornet Obolensky x Numero Uno

°2021 Stallion Foal

Tay Lotte Z

‘Mare from top line Plot Blue and Oklund’

13. Tay Lotte Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Colestus

°2021 Mare Foal ET

Plankgas van de Gangerhoeve Z

‘Mother 1m45 BWP mare of the year already produced two 1m60 top horses’

14. Plankgas van de Gangerhoeve Z

Pegase van't Ruytershof x Rubens du ri d' Asse

°2021 Stallion Foal ET

Tic Tac du Buisson Z

‘Purely international jumping genes from this top line’

15. Tic Tac du Buisson Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Mr. Blue

°2021 Stallion Foal

Cordelia W

'Filly out of the same mother as 1m60 stallion Zelote VDL'

16. Cordelia W

Cornet du Lys x Libero H

°2021 Mare Foal

Ron Diablo

‘Brother of the 1m60 KWPN stallion Don Diablo HX’

17. Ron Diablo

Aganix du Seigneur x Calvados

°2021 Stallion Foal

Volt van de Bisschop

‘Casall from the sister of Mumbai & Opium vd Moerhoeve’

18. Volt van de Bisschop

Casall x Kannan

°2021 Stallion Foal ET

Emiliano Z

‘Grandmother Kigali 1m45, great-grandmother Heroine de Muze 1m60’

19. Emiliano Z

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x Marius Claudius

°2021 Stallion Foal

Rebbel van't Kalmthout

Half-sister 1m40 Classified Lennox de l’Espoir’

20. Rebbel van't Kalmthout

Zirocco Blue x Heartbreaker

°2021 Mare Foal

Riverdale W Z

'Top balance from the dam line of 1m60 stallion Prince de Revel’

21. Riverdale W Z

Epleaser van't Heike x Cornado I

°2021 Stallion Foal

Elneny Siraxta Z

‘Grandmother sister of 5 international showjumpers’

22. Elneny Siraxta Z

Emerald x Clinton

°2021 Mare Foal ET

Hunk N Z

‘Looks & Performance: mother 1m45, grandmother 1m50’

23. Hunk N Z

Hardrock Z x Clinton

°2021 Stallion Foal

Utah van't Rietveld Z

‘Grandmother sister of 4 horses that compete at a minimum of 1m40 level’

24. Utah van't Rietveld Z

Uricas v/d Kattevennen x Tornesch

°2021 Mare Foal ET

Helios van het Poeleind Z

‘Combined with the sister of the 1m60 jumping horse Couscous van Orti’

25. Helios van het Poeleind Z

Halifax van het Kluizebos x Edjaz van't Merelsnest

°2021 Stallion Foal

Charmante Bull's Eye Z

'From the dam line of the 1m60 classified Flinstone van 't Eigenlo'

26. Charmante Bull's Eye Z

Colorit Z x Echo van Spieveld

°2021 Mare Foal


'Magically beautiful sister of the stallions Incanto VDL and Vagabond'

27. Rosalina

Diarado x Indoctro

°2021 Mare Foal

Adonis Marron R.T. Z

'Grandma is the sister of Aniek Poels her 1m60 top horse Baggio'

28. Adonis Marron R.T. Z

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Cornet Obolensky

°2021 Stallion Foal


'Emerald, straight out of Grand Prix mare Ta Belle van Sombeke'

29. WILDCARD Evibelle BB Z

Emerald x Vigo 'd Arsouilles

°2021 Stallion Foal ICSI

Levistha Z

‘Mother Savitha 1m40 with Zoe Conter’

30. Levistha Z

Levisto Z x Calvados

°2021 Mare Foal

Rosalina L

‘A powerhouse that already radiates power’

31. Rosalina L

Grandorado TN x Kannan

°2021 Mare Foal

Lorde W&M Z

‘Spieveld mother sister of three 1m60 GP horses’

32. Lorde W&M Z

Lord Pezi x Mr. Blue

°2021 Mare Foal ICSI

Amber van de Reeberg Z

'From the sister of the 1m60 stallion Athletico'

33. Amber van de Reeberg Z

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Carpaccio

°2021 Mare Foal

Cute for ever WB Z

'Filly that goes back to the mother of 1m60 stallion Ephebe for Ever'

34. Cute for ever WB Z

Cartani x Cor de la Bryere

°2021 Mare Foal

Amore Mio R.T. Z

‘Powerhouse closely related to 1m60 stallion Nagano'

35. Amore Mio R.T. Z

Aganix du Seigneur x Diamant de Semilly

°2021 Stallion Foal

Rags to Riches ASK

‘Out of a sister of the 1m50 classified Hector Aad’

36. Rags to Riches ASK

Emerald x Toulon

°2021 Stallion Foal

Usher S Z

‘Top dam line and directly out of a 1m45 classified mare’

37. Usher S Z

Uricas v/d Kattevennen x For Pleasure

°2021 Stallion Foal ET

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