'An addition to every stallion station!'

1. Jaguar van de Berghoeve (CSI 1.65m)

Emerald x Nabab de Reve

°2009 Stallion

‘Pay Attention: the FULL sister of MUMBAI!’

2. Implanted Female Embryo

Diamant de Semilly x Nabab de Reve

°2022 Mare

‘International 1m45 mare from the sister to Emerald’

8. Deviline van't Ruytershof Z (CSI 1.45m)

Diamant de Semilly x Quidam de Revel

°2006 Mare

‘CUMANO directly combined with the 1.60m VALENTINA VAN'T HEIKE of Jos Lansink’

3. Implanted Embryo

Cumano x Nabab de reve

°2021 Embryo

‘1m45 classified daughter of 1m60 mare Jumpy de Kreisker’

5. Quandice de Kerglenn (CSI 1.45m, drachtig van Conthargos)

Diamant de Semilly x Quito de Baussy

°2004 Mare

'1m50-rated granddaughter of Spruce Meadows winner Candy'

1. Joy de la Liniere

Erco van't Roosakker x Querlybet Hero

°2009 Mare

‘Half-sister of no less then 1m70 crack G&C Arrayan’

3. Izzy W (drachtig van For Pleasure)

Mr. Blue x Grannus

°2013 Mare

'Abnormal Jumping Horse'

14. Olympia RV Z

Ogano Sitte x Mr. Blue

°2018 Mare

Very rare Filly: ¾ sister Belgium Top stallion Pegase van't Ruytershof!'

5. Carthina RV Z

Comme il Faut x Numero Uno

°2022 Mare

Maybe the best we got to offer u

23. Avoye Z

Amadeo van't Vossenhof x Comilfo Plus Z

°2019 Mare

‘Filly, out of the full sister to Emerald’

4. Charlotte van het Oosthof Z

Comme il Faut x Diamant de Semilly

°2021 Mare

‘Granddaughter of world champion Liscalgot’

30. Athina Heureka Z (drachtig van Dourkhan Hero Z)

Agana van het Gerendal Z x Verdi TN

°2016 Mare

Cumano combined with GM Usha van t Roosakker

2. Cumano x Kannan (WILDCARD)

Cumano x Kannan

°2022 Stallion

“Filly out of the full sister to EMERALD”

13. Hayley van het Oosthof Z

Halifax van het Kluizebos x Diamant de Semilly

°2020 Mare

‘Mother FUNKY MUSIC 1.60m with Ann Carton Grootjans’

15. Implanted Embryo

Chacco Blue x Vigo ´d Arsouilles

°2021 Embryo

'Emerald, straight out of Grand Prix mare Ta Belle van Sombeke'

29. WILDCARD Evibelle BB Z

Emerald x Vigo 'd Arsouilles

°2021 Stallion

‘Back on 1m50 mare Panama du Seigneur'

9. Tangerado to Remember Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Diarado

°2022 Stallion

‘Half-brother DON CALVARO 1.60m, full brother EFFECT DE L'ESPRIT 1.50m’

20. Emillio de 'l Esprit Z

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x Quantum

°2020 Stallion

´THE one-and-only CHACCO BLUE´

1. Original Straw CHACCO BLUE!

Chambertin x Contender


'We got her: full sister to Stephex talent La Una!'

2. Wildcard: Chaluna Z

Chacco Blue x For Pleasure

°2022 Mare

'direct son to 1m60 GP SISSI VAN`T SCHUTTERSHOF'

10. Prince of Thieves v/d Kallevallei

Cornet Obolensky x Nabab de Reve

°2020 Stallion

'Everything is right about this future progenitor'

11. Diamant Bleu Z

Diamant de Semilly x Chacco Bllue

°2022 Stallion

A real Emerald with blood and relflexes

33. Etoile de la Vie (WILDCARD)

Emerald x Cardento

°2019 Mare

‘Grand Prix expectation’

4. Nala K

Chacoon Blue x Chin Chin

°2018 Mare

‘The full brother/sister of Grand Prix winner Cold Play’

11. Implanted Embryo

Contendro I x Argentinus

°2022 Embryo

‘Out of the half-sister of talented Dourkan Hero Z’

19. Kiki van het Gerendal Z

Kassander van't Roosakker x George Z

°2021 Mare

‘Mother is half-sister to the Zangersheide stallion DOURKAN HERO Z’

2. Think Twice van het Gerendal Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x George Z

°2020 Mare

‘Mother 1.40m, grandmother CISKE VAN OVERIS Z Grand Prix 1.60m’

16. Extra RV Z

Emerald x For Pleasure

°2020 Stallion

In one word: WAUW

28. Noblesse Nada R.T.

Diamant de Semilly x Berlin

°2018 Mare

A straight daughter of Diamant de Semilly

25. Delsy Joy Z

Diamant de Semilly x Cornet Obolensky

°2019 Mare

‘A 1m60 Grand Prix mare: 5th place in the GP of Gijon’

19. Avanti 236 (CSI 1.60m, drachtig van Conthargos)

Quattro B x Zeus

°2005 Mare

‘Complete Eldorado van de Zeshoek mare out of the sister of KWPN stallion Solitair'

14. Nigrante 2

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x Padinus

°2018 Mare

‘Out of the full sister to Grand Prix winner Funky Music’

20. Chac-Kinky vd Keienlegger Z

Chacco Blue x Vigo 'd Arsouilles

°2021 Stallion

`Straight out of World Cup mare ILUSIONATA VAN´T MEULENHOF´

10. Maserati RV Z

Matisse de Mariposa x Nabab de reve

°2020 Stallion

‘Back on the 1m60 classified full sister of Kashmir van Schuttershof’

8. Real Deal v/d Kalevallei

Emerald x Chin Chin

°2021 Stallion

‘Mother Babylotte a 1m60 phenomenon’

4. Implanted Embryo

Emerald x Dollar du Murier

°2022 Embryo

‘Emerald filly, mother 1m40, grandmother is 5* Grand Prix mare HH Ciske van Overis'

14. Especiale Ciske RV Z

Emerald x For Pleasure

°2022 Mare

'Filly: unique Qerly Chin opportunity with Walnut de Muze as base'

19. Cherokey SR Z

Comme il Faut x Malito de Reve

°2022 Mare

‘Casall from the sister of Mumbai & Opium vd Moerhoeve’

18. Volt van de Bisschop

Casall x Kannan

°2021 Stallion

‘HEARTBREAKER combined with the full sister to EMERALD’

30. Implanted Embryo

Heartbreaker x Diamant de Semilly

°2021 Embryo

‘Dam Anais Anais de Muze 1m50, GM Fragance de Chalus’

3. Diamantico v/d Braembeier Z

Diamant de Semilly x Rubens du ri d' Asse

°2022 Stallion

'Filly from full sister to QUICKLY de KREISKER'

8. Cibelle van de Dassenheide Z

Cabrio van de Heffinck x Diamant de Semilly

°2020 Mare

‘Direct offspring out of GP 1.60m jumper HH KANNAN’S GIRL Z’

2. Touchdown RV Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Kannan

°2020 Stallion

‘Next Level..’

16. Mooilandra

Plot Blue x Indoctro

°2017 Mare

‘Out of the sister to Mylord Carthago, Bamako de Muze and Norton d’Eole’

5. Racoon

Heartbreaker x Shindler de Muze

°2021 Stallion

‘Heartbreaker out of the full sister of GP stallion Emerald’

6. Harold van het Oosthof Z

Heartbreaker x Diamant de Semilly

°2021 Stallion

‘Grandmother sister of KWPN 1m60 Grand Prix stallion Whistler’

9. Elaloma EH Z

Emerald x Aganix du Seigneur

°2021 Mare

'Straight from 1m60 World Cup winner Eurocommerce Top Secret'.

17. Corcovado van het Distelhof Z

Cornet Obolensky x Calvaro Z

°2022 Stallion

'covered 1m45 Queens Cup winner Cacharelle'

1. Cacharelle (CSI 1.45m) drachtig van Carrera VDL

Chacco Blue x Canabis Z

°2006 Mare

‘Sister of the top 1m60 horses Baloucento and Chactus’

16. Chacco-Blaze R.T. Z

Chacco Blue x Baloubet du rouet

°2022 Stallion

'Emerald out of GM Usha van't Roosakker'

14. Wilson de Solart

Emerald x Kannan

°2022 Stallion

If they jump like this, they are good

27. Nina Ricci B

Maloubet de Pleville x Breitling LS

°2018 Mare

'Full brother Asterix de Couleur & back on the full sister of legend Carthago'.

5. A Golden Boy Z

Aganix du Seigneur x Hickstead

°2022 Stallion

‘1m45 classified BWP mare of the year’

13. Candra van het Indihof (CSI 1.45m, BWP merrie van het jaar 2020)

Rubens du ri 'd Asse x Lys de Darmen

°2002 Mare

'Directly back on the 1m60 mare Babbe van’t Roosakker'

2. Viking van de Bisschop

Chacco Blue x Radco d'Houtveld

°2021 Stallion

‘Mother half sister to 9 internationals'

14. Quanta Blue RV Z

Quabri de 'l isle x Mr. Blue

°2020 Mare

‘Straight out of the 1m60 classified Sterrehof’s Ushi’

25. Implanted Embryo

Emerald x Vigo 'd Arsouilles

°2022 Embryo

'A future Grand Prix crack'

6. Nylana

Chaccoon Blue x Germus R

°2018 Mare

A real athlete

31. Oakley Vinea TE

Harley VDL x Hors la Loi II

°2019 Mare

'We present to you: the full brother of the Zangersheide stallion Kazan Z'

20. Bacardi Lemon RV Z

Baloubet du Rouet x Heartbreaker

°2022 Stallion

‘Direct from top-class mare Vera Cara, dam of many internationals'

36. C-U Cara S Z

Chacco Blue x Casco

°2022 Stallion

‘Mother 1m50, grandmother 1m60'

1. Contiki SES Z

Cornet Obolensky x Quidam de Revel

°2022 Stallion

'Chacco Blue filly out of a Grand Prix dam'.

22. Stellabalia

Chacco Blue x Cavalier

°2022 Mare

'Filly out of the world famous Querly Chin tribe'

23. Sophy de Larcotique SPS

All Star 5 x Diamant de Semilly

°2022 Mare

'Ready for competition'

20. Son of Vigo v/h Ruytinxbos

Vigo 'd Arsouilles x Udancer Hero

°2018 Stallion

‘Four-year-old full sister of 1m60 Grand Prix winner De Flipper'

26. Femme Fatale RV Z (drachtig van All Star)

Flipper 'd elle x Emilion

°2017 Mare

‘Direct daughter of Ninke R: mother to 9 internationals’

17. Fantastique RV

Mr. Blue x Emilion

°2010 Mare

‘Class blood combined with the full sister of Romeo 88’

22. Implanted Embryo

Kashmir van Schuttershof x Contact van de Heffinck

°2022 Embryo

'Belgium at its best through grandam Pirouette vd Vogelzang'.

6. Spotify W

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Kashmir van Schuttershof

°2022 Stallion

'French top-class family related to the 1m60 stallions Perfect and Major de Coquerie'

33. Elvedi Siraxta Z

Emerald x Kannan

°2022 Mare

‘Grandmother sister Grand Prix 1m60 stallion No Limit’

29. Enzo Hemo Z

Emerald x Action Breaker

°2021 Stallion

‘The greed to win the jump-offs’

6. Montpellier

Dallas VDL x Goodtimes

°2017 Gelding

‘Filly out of the dam line of Emerald’

21. Cornet's Girl WM Z

Cornet Obolensky x Nabab de Reve

°2021 Mare

‘Top quality jumping mare out of a super proven sport damline'

20. Great Lady RV Z

George Z x Vigo 'd Arsouilles

°2019 Mare

“Full brother 1.60m GP, full sister 1.50m GP”

9. Euforisch van de Gangerhoeve Z

El barone III Z x Toulon

°2020 Mare

‘Emerald out of full sister Grand Prix winner Funky Music’

5. Valencia van de Keienlegger

Emerald x Vigo ´d Arsouilles

°2021 Stallion

Striking from all sides

36. Idylle HBZ Z

Il Est Balou x Padinus

°2018 Mare

'Magically beautiful and a sister to the stallions Incanto VDL and Vagabond'

28. Selina

Diarado x Indoctro

°2022 Mare

'AES approved stallion from 1m45 full sister to Quickly de Kreisker'

13. Casanova van de Dassenheide Z

Cornet Obolensky x Diamant de Semilly

°2019 Stallion

'Grandmother Ninke R jumps in everything'

26. Senorita Nienke RV

Grandorado TN x Arezzo VDL

°2022 Mare

‘Looks & Performance: mother 1m45, grandmother 1m50’

23. Hunk N Z

Hardrock Z x Clinton

°2021 Stallion

‘The nephew/nice of European Championschip revelation Levis de Muze’

18. Implanted Embryo

Chacco Blue x Kashmir van Schuttershof

°2022 Embryo

‘Full brother Onana was the best judge at this year's stallion approvals'

30. Noa Ludine S

Diamant de Semilly x Hamlet

°2018 Mare

‘Back to the stallions No Limit & Unlimited’

2. So Happy SvO

Comme il Faut x Emerald

°2022 Mare

‘Grandmother the well-known 1m55 mare Geena van ’t Roosakker’

10. Implanted Embryo

Baloubet du Rouet x Echo van Spieveld

°2022 Embryo

Grandmother Begum de Muze 1m60, OGM Merveille de Muze 1m60, OOGM Qerly Chin 1m60'.

15. Sinjoor van't Kalmthout

Comme il Faut x El Torreo de Muze

°2022 Stallion

'One of the tastemakers in this collection'

5. Ocala VDL

Brantzau VDL x Arezzo VDL

°2019 Stallion

'Granddam Laurie has all international jumpers so far'

4. Sissi

Chacoon Blue x Zapatero VDL

°2022 Mare

'The sporty strong branch of the Bryolieta family'

13. Sialitha

Cicero Z x Balou du Rouet

°2022 Mare

‘Mother sister of two 1m60 jumping horses'

23. Emmelou RL Z

Emerald x Clinton

°2022 Mare

‘Back on 1.60m-mare BOYANTE DE MUZE’

19. Estina van de Dassenheide Z

Emerald x Aktion Pur Z

°2020 Mare

‘The complete picture in a beautiful appearance'.

9. Giorgio

Glasgow van't Merelsnest x Numero Uno

°2018 Stallion

'Out of multiple stallion mother, the sister of WB final winner Corbinian'.

11. Camilla van de Vennen Z

Chacoon Blue x Couleur Rubin

°2022 Mare

‘Grandmother’s sister to the stallion Calato’

12. Edison v/h Reukenis Z

Emerald x Cayado

°2021 Stallion

‘Directly back on top supplier FRAGANCE DE CHALUS’

22. Undercover EB

Untouchable x Querlybet Hero

°2020 Stallion

'Exclusive genes combined with the full sister of Emerald and Diamanthina'

43. Frozen Embryo

Heartbreaker x Diamant de Semilly


‘Mother is half-sister to 1.60m star LACRIMOSO HDC’

11. Cooper de la Vie

Clearway x Cumano

°2020 Stallion

'Scope for a Grand Slam victory'

17. Conrad de Kalvarie Z

Chacfly PS x Aganix du seigneur Z

°2019 Stallion

‘Mother a sister of KWPN stallion Back Gammon’

32. Twilight van Mierd CW Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Clinton

°2022 Mare

‘Chacco Blue combined with half-sister Gatoucha van’t Roosakker’

14. Implanted Embryo

Chacco Blue x Calvaro Z

°2022 Embryo

‘Out of the half-sister to the 1.60m stallions PESSOA, MONTREAL and BUBALU VDL’

25. Pole Position van het Distelhof Z

Comme il Faut x Indoctro

°2020 Stallion

‘Out of the full sister to the 1.60m Grand Prix stallion UNANIEM’

34. Poing de Loi

Emerald x Numero Uno

°2020 Stallion

‘Remarkable eye-catcher out of the full sister to the stallion Harmony’

12. Rembrandt CSI

Diaron x Harley VDL

°2021 Stallion

‘Out of the full sister to the KWPN 1.50m stallion BRAINPOWER’

30. Pia Terma

Catoki x Contendro I

°2020 Mare

‘Mare from top line Plot Blue and Oklund’

13. Tay Lotte Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Colestus

°2021 Mare

‘A raw diamond’

10. Catan HZ

Cavalo Z x Chicago Z

°2017 Gelding

‘Mother Chloe 1m55 level classified under Janne Frederieke Meyer’

15. Implanted Embryo

Emerald x Chippendale Z

°2022 Embryo

‘Mother 1.40m, grandmother 1.60m CISKE VAN OVERIS with Edwina Tops Alexander’

12. Implanted Embryo

Baloubet du Rouet x For Pleasure

°2021 Embryo

‘Rare blood from top sport dam line’

19. Here I am SIH Z

Heartbreaker x Galoubet A

°2021 Stallion

‘Mother is sister tot he 1.60m Zangersheide stallion GAMKO S’

5. Conspiracy MxL Z

Comme il Faut x Toulon

°2020 Stallion

‘Has not stolen her name and pedigree'

21. Sophie est Belle

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x Cero I

°2022 Mare

‘Half-brother to 1x 1.60m and 2x 1.50m GP winners’

24. Copperfield Z

Comme il Faut x Cavalier

°2020 Stallion

‘Back on Grand Prix mare Babbe van't Roosakker’

23. Countach Key SR Z

Comme il Faut x Armitages Boy

°2021 Mare

‘A golden heart and a 10 for attitude'

18. Nanna Gold Z

Cape Coral RBF Z x Narew X

°2018 Mare

Out of the half-sister to C Hunter 1.60m & Nazaro de Nyze 1.60m’

27. Implanted Embryo

Chacco Blue x Kannan

°2022 Embryo

'Mare direct from Adrienne Sternlicht's 1m50 GP Providence'.

10. Zimone Z

Zirocco Blue VDL x Air Jordan

°2022 Mare

‘Great dam line, Great model, Great mare’

9. Cayenna II

Casall x Contender

°2018 Mare

´In every aspect an eyecatcher’

21. Monte OW

Dakar VDL x Casco

°2017 Mare

‘Mother Fragile 1m50 is Emerald’s sister’

40. Frozen Embryo

Heartbreaker x Calato


The half brother to 1m60 stallion Udor

24. Noah-Amelusiena

Indoctro x Coriander

°2018 Gelding

With the scope u can expect from a Diamant de Semilly

35. Donna Fleur Z

Diamant de Semilly x Kannan

°2018 Mare

‘A surprising powerhouse from the Sina family'

24. Meresina de Muze

Falaise de Muze x Jus de Pomme

°2017 Mare

‘Grandmother of the 1m60 Grand Prix mare Absie’

8. Classic Blue Joy Z

Cumano x Kannan

°2022 Stallion

‘Grandmother Kigali 1m45, great-grandmother Heroine de Muze 1m60’

19. Emiliano Z

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x Marius Claudius

°2021 Stallion

'Its all-in the name'

8. Up & Up Z

Urano de Cartigny x Cambridge

°2018 Stallion

‘Straight out of mother SOTERMA’

5. Condam WM Z

LB. Convall x Guidam

°2020 Stallion

Get on and drive off

32. Georginia Z

George Z x Talexis van't Voorhof

°2018 Mare

‘Grandmother Cendy VDL 1.60m classified’

5. Rock Chick VDP

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Numero Uno

°2021 Mare

‘Out of the 1m35 classified full sister of Jilbert van’t Ruytershof’

12. Implanted Embryo

Conthargos x Numero Uno

°2022 Embryo

‘They all clear fences of this dam line’

10. Kashmira RV Z

Kassander van't Roosakker x Grand Pilot I

°2021 Mare

‘Power to clear the rooftops’

5. Centurion Z

Camargo x Kannan GFE

°2018 Gelding

‘Dam line founder Ninke R in top packaging’

11. Ricola

Emerald x Warrant

°2021 Mare

‘Back on Grand Prix mare Babbe van ‘t Roosakker’

15. Escapista Key SR Z

Epleaser van't Heike x Verdi

°2021 Mare

‘Emerald son out of Belgian Champion and 1m60 mare Chloe van het Kapelhof'

5. Energy RV Z

Emerald x Chippendale Z

°2022 Stallion

'From the dam of one 1m60 and two 1m50 jumpers'

9. Resibalia

Comme il Faut x Cavalier

°2021 Mare

‘Out of the half-sister to the 1.60m World cup final winner Corbinian’

6. Chayanne van de Vennen Z

Conthargos x Couleur Rubin

°2021 Mare

‘The direct sister of KWPN stallion Kallas’

4. Areenessa H2 Z

Aganix du Seigneur x Quality Time

°2021 Mare

‘Half-brother of the Grand Prix horse Drag du Buisson Z’

25. Touche du Buisson Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Artos Z

°2021 Stallion

'Hats off to this beauty'

10. Napeau

Chapeau TN x Celano

°2018 Mare

‘Mother sister of World Cup final winner Corbinian’

12. Cadans Blue van de Vennen Z

Chacoon Blue x Couleur Rubin

°2022 Stallion

‘Spieveld mother sister of three 1m60 GP horses’

32. Lorde W&M Z

Lord Pezi x Mr. Blue

°2021 Mare

‘The perfect opportunity to capture something special’

8. Monopoly

Up to date x Mermus R

°2017 Gelding

‘Out of the sister to the stallions Boss and Dakar VDL’

2. Risolde

Harley VDL x Indoctro

°2021 Mare

‘Back on the sister to Nabab de Reve’

2. Ercodanos Girl Z

Erco van't Roosakker x Lordanos

°2021 Mare

'Filly: back to the full sister of Cassini I'

17. N-Cassina DW Z

Nixon van't Meulenhof x Quick Star

°2022 Mare

‘Fragance de Chalus now within reach’

33. Implanted Embryo

Casall x Nabab de Reve

°2022 Embryo

'An absolute top athlete'

4. Tres Chique van't Breezershof Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Heartbreaker

°2019 Stallion

‘Brother of the 1m60 KWPN stallion Don Diablo HX’

17. Ron Diablo

Aganix du Seigneur x Calvados

°2021 Stallion

'The more often she jumps, the better she gets'

27. Nurloma EH

Untouchable x Mr. Blue

°2018 Mare

‘Mother Savitha 1m40 with Zoe Conter’

30. Levistha Z

Levisto Z x Calvados

°2021 Mare

‘The perfect picture’

32. Naigona

Zapatero VDL x Quidam de Revel

°2018 Mare

‘Straight back onto the mother of Caretano en Contendro’

13. Adoria Z

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Londen

°2021 Mare

‘Mother La Luna 1.45m classified’

10. Eleanor vh Reukenis Z

El Barone III Z x Thunder van de Zuuthoeve

°2021 Mare

‘Small in stature, great in deeds’

26. Nafollie Keizersberg

Quickly de Kreisker x Kannan GFE

°2018 Mare

‘Original Nabab de Reve from Breeding Van ’t Merelsnest’

7. Nero de Mauretus Z

Nabab de Reve x Darco

°2022 Stallion

“3 international jumping horses out of the grandmother cleared the way already”

22. Take off Z

Tobago Z x Cumano

°2020 Mare

‘A champion foal combined with the sister of Casall’

6. Corika II Z

Conthargos x Cornet Obolensky

°2022 Mare

'From the sister of the 1m60 stallion Athletico'

33. Amber van de Reeberg Z

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Carpaccio

°2021 Mare

‘Out of the half-sister of 1m60 Grand Prix mare A Vaantje R’

22. Defensible Blue Joy Z

Defender VDS Z x Harley

°2021 Mare

'Enjoyment with a capital letter'

30. Zara HBZ Z

Zambesi TN x Obligado B

°2018 Mare

'Out of the full sister of the Grand Prix stallion Jilbert van't Ruytershof and his brother Pegase van't Ruytershof'

33. Implanted Embryo

Aganix du Seigneur x Numero Uno

°2022 Embryo

'Surrounded by internationally performing relatives'

25. Wonderboy van Strokapelleken

Conthargos x Calido I

°2022 Stallion

'Kept popping off the ground time and time again'

22. Nosa

Elvis ter Putte x Zeus

°2018 Mare

‘Jumping out of the book’

10. Tallahasse van de Meerhoeve

Di Cantero van ter Hulst Z x Glasgow v/h Merelsnest

°2019 Stallion

‘Out of the half-sister to Electra, Falco and Gatoucha van t Roosakker’

35. Frozen embryo Chacco Blue x Calvaro Z

Chacco Blue x Calvaro Z


‘Grandmother Grand Prix 1.60m ILUSIONATA is sister to EMERALD and DIAMANTHINA’

6. Implanted Embryo

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Nabab de reve

°2021 Embryo

‘Mother G-Star RV 1.40m classified’

14. Kassandra RV Z

Kassander van't Roosakker x Der Senaat III

°2021 Mare

‘Granddaughter to 1.50m classified DARCOTIQUE VAN'T MEULENHOF’

28. Trezeguet Siraxta Z

Toulon x Arko III

°2020 Mare

Half-sister 1m40 Classified Lennox de l’Espoir’

20. Rebbel van't Kalmthout

Zirocco Blue x Heartbreaker

°2021 Mare

‘For those looking for just a little surplus’

19. Milano

Grandorado TN x Calvados

°2017 Gelding

‘Mother 1m45 BWP mare of the year already produced two 1m60 top horses’

14. Plankgas van de Gangerhoeve Z

Pegase van't Ruytershof x Rubens du ri d' Asse

°2021 Stallion

“Out of half-sister to Christian Ahlmann’s CASUALITY Z”

18. True Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Lasino

°2020 Mare

‘Straight back on Grand Prix winner Babbe van t Roosakker’

15. Glorieus Key SR Z

Grandorado TN x Verdi

°2021 Stallion

‘The half-sister to three 1.60m Grand Prix horses’

32. Frozen Embryo

Baloubet du Rouet x Emerald


‘Everything stands out with this colt’

14. Niptuck des 4 Vents Z

Nixon van't Meulenhof x Ogano Sitte

°2021 Stallion

‘GM 1m45 Carrera de Muze, daughter of 1m60 Walnut de Muze’

24. Caribe Munny Z

Comme il Faut x Kentucky van't Ruytershof

°2022 Stallion

“Invest in the damline of FIUMICINO, SISSI and KASHMIR”

14. Pina Colada v/d Kalevallei

Omano BC x Eldorado v/d Zeshoek

°2020 Mare

'The textbook example of nimbleness'

23. Murango

Durango VDL x Padinus

°2017 Gelding

“The dam line of World Cup winner SIMON”

19. Colpraline Champion Z

Colman x Whitesnake

°2020 Mare

‘Out of the full sister to Emerald and Diamanthina’

37. Frozen embryo Conthargos x Diamant de Semilly

Conthargos x Diamant de Semilly


‘Half-brother tot he approved stallion MICHIGAN P’

17. Pole Position P

Emerald x Plot Blue

°2020 Stallion

‘Great balance in a modern type from the dam line of HICKSTEAD’

13. Caiuby Siraxta Z

Cornet Obolensky x Numero Uno

°2020 Mare

‘Power and carefulness in one powerful package'

8. Quabris Boy G Z

Quabri de L' Isle x Heartbreaker

°2019 Gelding

'When looks and pedigree coincide'

7. Smokeytorius van de Osseweide

Le Blue Diamond van't Ruytershof x Berlin

°2022 Stallion

‘A paper that jumps off the table’

25. Sophia v/h Molenhof

Big Star x Arko III

°2018 Mare

‘The dam line of Edwina's nr 1 ITOT DU CHATEAU’

28. Confess Color Z

Comme D'Api vd Hacienda x Tinka's Boy

°2020 Stallion

‘Mother sister of three 1m60 Grand Prix horses’

12. Versace van het Reukenis Z

Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Nabab de Reve

°2021 Stallion

‘Lineage of Itot du Chateau’

27. Grand Prix Key SR Z

Grandorado TN x Bamako de muze

°2022 Stallion

‘Grandmother Nimf gave already 8 international jumping horses’

4. Coco Blue Bro Z

Chacoon Blue x Dominator Z

°2022 Mare

'Grandmother Illusionata van't Meulenhof CSI 5* GP 1m70 with Niels Bruynseels'

48. Frozen Embryo

Chacoon Blue x Nabab de Reve


'Chacco Blue, direct from the 1m60 Grand Prix mare Sterrehof's Ushi'

50. Frozen Embryo

Chacco Blue x Vigo 'd Arsouilles


‘Grandmother is half-sister to three approved stallions’

17. Donatella NH Z

Don VHP Z x Clearway

°2021 Mare

‘Grandmother the sister of GP 1m60 stallions Winningmood and Chippendale Z'

17. Very Best - Man van het Distelhof Z

Vigo 'd Arsouilles x Bamako de muze

°2022 Stallion

'Out of the sister of 1m70 Global Winner G&C Arrayan'

21. Supreme VDH

For Pleasure x Mr.Blue

°2022 Stallion

‘Grandmother full sister of Carthago’

17. Cybele Z

Cicero Z x Numero Uno

°2021 Mare

‘Brother of the 1m50 approved I'm Special RV'

22. BE Exclusive BGM Z

Bacardi VDL x Chin Chin

°2022 Stallion

'The sister of the 1m50 classified Aeolus'.

3. Ceres van het Hulshof Z

Cornet Obolensky x Corland

°2022 Mare

'Filly out of the same mother as 1m60 stallion Zelote VDL'

16. Cordelia W

Cornet du Lys x Libero H

°2021 Mare

‘Female, the shortest way to Balou du Reventon’

20. Implanted Female Embryo

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x Vivant

°2022 Embryo

‘Grandmother is sister to three 1.50m jumping horses’

20. Ube Lozanco

Cornet Obolensky x Cento Lano

°2020 Stallion

'Power never goes out of fashion'

9. Tito van de Kwade Heyde

Ducati van Schuttershof x Thunder van de Zuuthoeve

°2019 Stallion

'A high-flyer in top shape'

15. Twilight FG

Casalido x Quidam de Revel

°2019 Stallion

'With Chellano Z in the dam's line it's almost always a hit'

32. Double Clear NH Z

Dourkhan Hero Z x Clearway

°2022 Stallion

'Back to the line of GP cracks Cointreau Z & USA Today'

30. Champion W

Cornet Obolensky x Darco

°2022 Stallion

‘Maximum scope would fit his name too’

14. Need Speed R.T.

Highlander v/d Kallevallei x Zirocco Blue VDL

°2018 Gelding

‘Blood to be proud of'

12. Amor van't Reterink Z

Asca Z x Balou du Rouet

°2019 Gelding

‘Out of half-sister to the approved stallion NIAGARA’

4. Countryman Z

Comme il Faut x Cardento

°2020 Stallion

‘A powerhouse that already radiates power’

31. Rosalina L

Grandorado TN x Kannan

°2021 Mare

'1m45 grandmother at the base of success kind'.

3. Saigon Z.G.

Mylord Carthago x Cantos

°2022 Stallion

‘A Diamant de Semilly mare to make someone happy’

2. Miss DXB

Diamant de Semilly x Carthano II

°2019 Mare

‘Grandmother sister of the GP stallion Regino and Heineken VK VDL’

3. RM's Roxy

Diarado x Cardento

°2021 Mare

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