Second Foal Auction 2022
Be surprised again. Because this collection, too pops off the screen!

Foals with a HorseSales.Auction brand

Ended on Jun 19, 2022, 10:23 PM

32 foal , 1 straw

Status: Closed
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'Granddam Laurie has all international jumpers so far'

4. Sissi

Chacoon Blue x Zapatero VDL

°2022 Mare Foal

Saigon Z.G.

'1m45 grandmother at the base of success kind'.

3. Saigon Z.G.

Mylord Carthago x Cantos

°2022 Stallion Foal ET

1 ICSI free straw Diamant de Semilly

1 ICSI free straw Diamant de Semilly

1. 1 ICSI free straw Diamant de Semilly

Le tot de Semilly x Elf III

Embryo Straw ICSI

Sofine SPS

'Grandmother Think Twice well-known 1m60 Grand Prix mare'

8. Sofine SPS

Quidam de Revel x Mr. Blue

°2022 Mare Foal

Eremetaal v/d Gangerhoeve Z

'Gummybal out of a sister of 1m60 classified Cyrano'

6. Eremetaal v/d Gangerhoeve Z

Emerald x Quintero

°2022 Stallion Foal

Smokeytorius van de Osseweide

'When looks and pedigree coincide'

7. Smokeytorius van de Osseweide

Le Blue Diamond van't Ruytershof x Berlin

°2022 Stallion Foal

Hi-Secret SPR Z

'From the same dam as the 1m50 show jumper Go For It'.

9. Hi-Secret SPR Z

Hardrock Z x Clinton

°2022 Stallion Foal

Edmilson Siraxta Z

'Look at this: what a sport'

10. Edmilson Siraxta Z

Emerald x Clinton

°2022 Stallion Foal

Wildcard: Chaluna Z

'We got her: full sister to Stephex talent La Una!'

2. Wildcard: Chaluna Z

Chacco Blue x For Pleasure

°2022 Mare Foal ICSI

Casandra van de Vennen Z

'Back to the full sister of the stallion Calypso'

12. Casandra van de Vennen Z

Comilfo Plus Z x Contender

°2022 Mare Foal

Savanna v/d Reeberg

'With a model like that, we should be able to jump'

15. Savanna v/d Reeberg

Conthargos x Quick Star

°2022 Mare Foal

Casimir van't Vossenhof Z

'Out of the aunt of Belgian top talent Piece of Cake M'

16. Casimir van't Vossenhof Z

Chaplin x Amadeo van't Vossenhof Z

°2022 Stallion Foal

N-Cassina DW Z

'Filly: back to the full sister of Cassini I'

17. N-Cassina DW Z

Nixon van't Meulenhof x Quick Star

°2022 Mare Foal ET

Creditcard v/d Gangerhoeve Z

'Mother Karona is a sister of four horses who jump at least 1m45'

18. Creditcard v/d Gangerhoeve Z

Chacoon Blue x Toulon

°2022 Stallion Foal

Onischa V&V Z

'Out of the sister of world champion Zenith SFN'.

21. Onischa V&V Z

O'neill van't Eigenlo (alias Minute Man) x Lordanos

°2022 Mare Foal

Silverstone VDH

'Out of the full sister of CSI 1m70 horse G&C Arrayan'

22. Silverstone VDH

For Pleasure x Mr. Blue

°2022 Stallion Foal ET

Diamant Bleu Z

'Everything is right about this future progenitor'

11. Diamant Bleu Z

Diamant de Semilly x Chacco Bllue

°2022 Stallion Foal

Wilson de Solart

'Emerald out of GM Usha van't Roosakker'

14. Wilson de Solart

Emerald x Kannan

°2022 Stallion Foal ICSI

Bacardi Lemon RV Z

'We present to you: the full brother of the Zangersheide stallion Kazan Z'

20. Bacardi Lemon RV Z

Baloubet du Rouet x Heartbreaker

°2022 Stallion Foal ICSI

Carthina RV Z

Very rare Filly: ¾ sister Belgium Top stallion Pegase van't Ruytershof!'

5. Carthina RV Z

Comme il Faut x Numero Uno

°2022 Mare Foal ET

Speedy Power SIH

'1m50 mare Harmonie provides the basis'

24. Speedy Power SIH

Carrera VDL x Andiamo

°2022 Mare Foal

Wonderboy van Strokapelleken

'Surrounded by internationally performing relatives'

25. Wonderboy van Strokapelleken

Conthargos x Calido I

°2022 Stallion Foal


'Power on blood, jumping manners and reflexes'

27. Sambuca

I'm Special de Muze x Heartbreaker

°2022 Stallion Foal


'The sporty strong branch of the Bryolieta family'

13. Sialitha

Cicero Z x Balou du Rouet

°2022 Mare Foal

Cherokey SR Z

'Filly: unique Qerly Chin opportunity with Walnut de Muze as base'

19. Cherokey SR Z

Comme il Faut x Malito de Reve

°2022 Mare Foal ET

Sophy de Larcotique SPS

'Filly out of the world famous Querly Chin tribe'

23. Sophy de Larcotique SPS

All Star 5 x Diamant de Semilly

°2022 Mare Foal ET

Senorita Nienke RV

'Grandmother Ninke R jumps in everything'

26. Senorita Nienke RV

Grandorado TN x Arezzo VDL

°2022 Mare Foal

Chepri V Z

'The full sister of CSI3* winner Ulena'

29. Chepri V Z

Chatinue x Baloubet du rouet

°2022 Stallion Foal

Champion W

'Back to the line of GP cracks Cointreau Z & USA Today'

30. Champion W

Cornet Obolensky x Darco

°2022 Stallion Foal


'Magically beautiful and a sister to the stallions Incanto VDL and Vagabond'

28. Selina

Diarado x Indoctro

°2022 Mare Foal

So Blue Joy

'Out of the sister of the 1m60 mare A Vaantje R'

31. So Blue Joy

Grandorado TN x Harley VDL

°2022 Stallion Foal

Double Clear NH Z

'With Chellano Z in the dam's line it's almost always a hit'

32. Double Clear NH Z

Dourkhan Hero Z x Clearway

°2022 Stallion Foal

Elvedi Siraxta Z

'French top-class family related to the 1m60 stallions Perfect and Major de Coquerie'

33. Elvedi Siraxta Z

Emerald x Kannan

°2022 Mare Foal

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