Fourth Foals Auction
Sport takes centre stage

An auction with appropriate pride

Starts Sep 29, 2022, 10:00 AM

38 foal

As an organistation, we are happy to perform such a fine group of foals. Because in addition to well-known sires, sport in the dam line plays the boventon in this case. See for yourself!

Status: Upcoming
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Exclusive Way Z

‘Attention: Unique Chance! THE brother to URICAS V/D KATTEVENNEN!'

1. Exclusive Way Z

Emerald x Cassini I

°2022 Stallion Foal ICSI

Chacco Chica RV Z

‘Chacco Blue filly, directly back top mare Panama du Seigneur'.

2. Chacco Chica RV Z

Chacco Blue x Kassander van't Roosakker

°2022 Mare Foal ICSI

Come to me Z

‘Mother Quirimba 1m45, grandmother Marimba la Silla 1m60'

3. Come to me Z

Comme il Faut x Quintero

°2022 Stallion Foal

Champion of Optimus Z

‘Mother sister of GP stallion Vagabond de la Pomme: already performed twice at 1m55 Grand Prix'

4. Champion of Optimus Z

Cumano x Kashmir van Schuttershof

°2022 Stallion Foal ICSI

El-Jean van't IJsselstein Z

‘Mother already gave 3 international at least 1m40’

5. El-Jean van't IJsselstein Z

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x Heartbreaker

°2022 Stallion Foal

Everald EH Z

‘Eyecatcher out of the sister of 3 international jumpers'

6. Everald EH Z

Emerald x Kannan

°2022 Stallion Foal

Cantaluppi Siraxta Z

‘Back on 1m50 GP mare Darcotique van’t Meulenhof'

7. Cantaluppi Siraxta Z

Cornet Obolensky x Arko III

°2022 Stallion Foal

Balouette RV Z

‘Baloubet filly, mother 1m40, grandmother HH Ciske van Overis 5* 1m60 Edwina Top Alexander'

8. Balouette RV Z

Baloubet du Rouet x For Pleasure

°2022 Mare Foal ICSI

Color me blue de Melodie Z

‘OGM Fragance de Chalus a worldwide phenomenon'

9. Color me blue de Melodie Z

Chacco Blue x Nabab de Reve

°2022 Stallion Foal ICSI

Cool Munny Z

‘OGM 1m60 Grand Prix mare Electra van’t Roosakker'

10. Cool Munny Z

Chacoon Blue x Numero Uno

°2022 Stallion Foal

Make my day WM Z

‘Terma at its best: Mumbai colt out of full sister 1m50 KWPN stallion Brainpower'

11. Make my day WM Z

Mumbai x Contendro I

°2022 Stallion Foal

Enjoy van't Breezerhof Z

‘Mother gave 5 international jumpers'

12. Enjoy van't Breezerhof Z

Emerald x Heartbreaker

°2022 Stallion Foal ICSI

Mackenzie to Remember Z

‘The power of the 1m50 top mare Panama du Seigneur’

13. Mackenzie to Remember Z

Mylord Carthago x Diarado

°2022 Stallion Foal ET

Quell Z

‘Grandmother sister of Grand Prix stallion Casall’

14. Quell Z

Quel Homme de Hus x Cornet Obolensky

°2022 Stallion Foal ET

Camilla RC van de Reeberg Z

‘Filly: Grand-mother Duchesse 1m60, OGM Vici van’t Plutoniahof 1m60'

15. Camilla RC van de Reeberg Z

Conthargos x Darco

°2022 Mare Foal

Treasure v/h Reukenis Z

‘Merelsnest tribe: mother herself jumping at 1m45 level'

16. Treasure v/h Reukenis Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Thunder van de Zuuthoeve

°2022 Stallion Foal

Champion SIH Z

‘Dam 1m45 jumping, sold to Jos Lansink'

17. Champion SIH Z

Carrera VDL x Comme il Faut

°2022 Stallion Foal ET

Cumarjos BGM Z

'OGM is Harrie Smolders 1m60 GP mare Walnut de Muze'

18. Cumarjos BGM Z

Cumano x Diamant de Semilly

°2022 Stallion Foal ICSI

Thibo Z

‘Mother Celena 1m50, grandmother Wot Shot 1m50'

19. Thibo Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Argentinus

°2022 Stallion Foal ET

Extra Olympia RV Z

‘Filly from Olympia RV: youngster auction topper at HorseSales.Auction'

20. Extra Olympia RV Z

Emerald x Ogano Sitte

°2022 Mare Foal ICSI

Anway van Mierd Z

‘Filly out of the lineage of Emerald'

21. Anway van Mierd Z

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Nabab de Reve

°2022 Mare Foal

Sandorado Blue SIH

'Lover at his best: OGM sister to 9 internationals'

22. Sandorado Blue SIH

Grandorado TN x Mr. Blue

°2022 Mare Foal

Twilight Zone V & V Z

‘Out of stallion mother: brother of 1m50 and 1m45 jumper'

23. Twilight Zone V & V Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Heartbreaker

°2022 Stallion Foal ET


‘Balance, class and sportsmanship: out of a sister of 1m60 GP Vivaldi K'

24. Sibon-Sina

Baltic VDL x Landlord

°2022 Mare Foal

Cumano Boy

‘First offspring of mother already 1m40 international'

25. Cumano Boy

Dallas VDL x Contender

°2022 Stallion Foal

Amira v/d Reeberg Z

‘Out of the sister of the 1m60 stallion Athletico’

26. Amira v/d Reeberg Z

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Carpaccio

°2022 Mare Foal

Echo de la Vie Z

‘Mother 1m40, GM full sister 1m60 Grand Prix stallion Stakkato'

27. Echo de la Vie Z

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x Sandro Boy

°2022 Stallion Foal

Sambucco W

'OGM sister of team gold medallist Vindicat W'

28. Sambucco W

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x For Pleasure

°2022 Stallion Foal


‘International 1m40 mother: and OGM at 1m60 level’

29. Saraleen

Grandorado TN x Namelus R

°2022 Mare Foal


‘Directly from Soterma: mother of the 1m50 GP KWPN stallion Brainpower'

30. Wallpaper

Cento x Guidam

°2022 Stallion Foal ICSI

Springsteen B

‘Mother surrounded by horses at international level'

31. Springsteen B

Chopano VA x Mr. Blue

°2022 Stallion Foal

Sorentina ACM v/d Wolfshoeve

‘1m40 mother, first offspring top 5 Blom Cup + selected KWPN Stallion performance test 2022'

32. Sorentina ACM v/d Wolfshoeve

Chacco Blue x Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve

°2022 Mare Foal ICSI

Signora J.

‘Sister to the stallion New Diamond J'

33. Signora J.

Comme il Faut x Goodtimes

°2022 Mare Foal

Tiamo Z

‘Proven top blood: brother of 4 internationals'

34. Tiamo Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Carthago

°2022 Stallion Foal

El Uno van de Vossingers Z

‘Mother a sister of the 1m60 stallions Naxcel V & Excenel V'

35. El Uno van de Vossingers Z

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x Numero Uno

°2022 Stallion Foal

Sir Aganix Uno VHR

‘Balance is the key in this sporting family'

36. Sir Aganix Uno VHR

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Numero Uno

°2022 Stallion Foal

Teagen v/h Reukenis Z

‘Sport in the base: mother sister of 1m50 classified Comic'

37. Teagen v/h Reukenis Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Corland

°2022 Stallion Foal

Hero van't Asbroek Z

‘Out of, among others, the full sister of the 1m60 GP stallion Chester Z'.

38. Hero van't Asbroek Z

Hardrock Z x Calvaro Z

°2022 Stallion Foal

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