Get ready for the outdoors: youngsters 2023
Riders, dealers and breeders: may we have your attention!

New round, new opportunities: 2 - 5yo youngsters

Ended on Mar 5, 2023, 10:54 PM

3 embryo , 36 young horse , 11 frozen embryo

Something for everyone in this 2023 kickoff. Starting with three exclusive implanted embryos. A filly out of the strain of Levis de Muze. A Chacco Blue direct out of Grand Prix 1m60 mare Sea Coast Ferly. Or a Comme il Faut out of the sister of Pegase vh Ruyterhof. Or would you rather choose a young talent between 3 - 5 years old. Each with their own specific qualities. Feel free to look around. Because both for sport lovers, breeders and traders there are opportunities here.

Status: Closed
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Ended auctions

Implanted Embryo (not sexed)

'3/4 brother or sister Belgium Top stallion Pegase van't Ruytershof'

3. Implanted Embryo (not sexed)

Comme il Faut x Numero Uno

°2023 Embryo Embryo ICSI


'Chacoon Blue ways plus power'

8. Chagall

Chacoon Blue x Landcapitol

°2018 Gelding Young horse

Wildcard Ucello van't Heuvelhof

'An Emerald in the stable creates attention'

7. Wildcard Ucello van't Heuvelhof

Emerald x Edjaz van't Merelsnest

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Painter de Span

'Kicked it up to the 2e KWPN viewing'

4. Painter de Span

Tobago Z x Odermus R

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Implanted Embryo (Female)

'Filly: mother Lima 1m45 daughter of Excellentia de Muze'

2. Implanted Embryo (Female)

Quaprice Bois Margot x Filou de Muze

°2023 Mare Embryo ET


'Capable of greatest achievements'

9. Pipaboera

Carrera VDL x Dallas VDL

°2020 Mare Young horse

Degas van Schuttershof Z (AES Approved stallion)

'Approved stallion ready for competitions'

6. Degas van Schuttershof Z (AES Approved stallion)

Ducati van Schuttershof x Cancara

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Implanted embryo (Male)

'Straight out of Sea Coast Ferly: CSI5* GP mare'

1. Implanted embryo (Male)

Chacco Blue x Calato

°2023 Stallion Embryo ICSI


'Eyecatcher and brother of two licensed stallions'

11. Pontiac-O

Hardrock Z x Goodtimes

°2020 Stallion Young horse

A just World Z

'Mother herself won a CSI Grand Prix la Baule'

14. A just World Z

Alicante HBC x Gentleman

°2019 Stallion Young horse

Crush SD Z

'Grandma herself jumped at 1m60 level'

13. Crush SD Z

Chianti's Champion x Quidam de Revel

°2020 Mare Young horse

Duke MCP Z

'Top manners in a fantastic package'

12. Duke MCP Z

Ducati van Schuttershof x Quasimodo Z

°2018 Gelding Young horse

Pink Floyd V&V

'Was jumping even better with every jump'

16. Pink Floyd V&V

Brantzau VDL x Clinton

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Conquest van de Eyckenhoeve Z

'Beauty and the brains'

15. Conquest van de Eyckenhoeve Z

Cicero Z x Skippy II

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Chakerato NDP Z

'The way, betrays his origins'

19. Chakerato NDP Z

Chacoon Blue x Winningmood v/d Arendberg

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Tuntutuliak van de Meerhoeve

'All the qualities for the big game'

5. Tuntutuliak van de Meerhoeve

Opium JW van de Moerhoeve x Deauville de la Vie

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Pandour G

'A horse with music in it'

18. Pandour G

Jukebox x Nabab de Reve

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Umami van de Eyckenhoeve Z

'Power x power gives: extra power'

22. Umami van de Eyckenhoeve Z

Untouchable x Thunder van de Zuuthoeve

°2019 Gelding Young horse


'Very much prettier you don't get them drawn'

23. Palona

Kempinski x Entertainer

°2020 Mare Young horse

Olaniki WB

'Back on a 1m40 sport mare'

20. Olaniki WB

Highway TN x Warrant

°2019 Mare Young horse

Adorette du Seigneur KV Z

'Sporting a paper that jumps off the table'

24. Adorette du Seigneur KV Z

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Lux Z

°2020 Mare Young horse

Dalton du Risoir Z

'No hurdle too high: this pops'

10. Dalton du Risoir Z

Dominator Z x Chacco Blue

°2020 Gelding Young horse

No Fear

'Attitude and sharpness from a pure sports pedigree'

27. No Fear

Plot Blue x Epilot

°2018 Gelding Young horse

Pazou R-E

'Note: these are offspring'

26. Pazou R-E

Brantzau VDL x Chin Chin

°2020 Gelding Young horse


'It's already in the name'

17. Olympic

Chapeau TN x Vancouver

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Talbot Z

'The attitude and qualities of a great'

21. Talbot Z

Tobago Z x Indoctro

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Emoji Z

‘America: are u ready for a multi-tasker’

28. Emoji Z

Emerald x Cassini II

°2019 Gelding Young horse


'As a jumper or eventer: the choice is yours'

29. Oxbow

Bamako de Muze x Canabis Z

°2019 Gelding Young horse

U're so special de Venti

'Mother Beaudine herself graded at 1m45 level'

31. U're so special de Venti

Pretty Boy van de Molenberg x Contender

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Conquisto van Hof ten Dries Z

'Tribe stallion Glasgow vh Merelsnest: balance, reflexes and manners'

34. Conquisto van Hof ten Dries Z

Conquistador x Kannan

°2020 Gelding Young horse


'Mother the full sister of KWPN stallion Veneur'

36. Odin

Justice HL x Indoctro

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Neymar GE

'The first Grand Slam you can win'

33. Neymar GE

Grand Slam VDL x Indoctro

°2018 Gelding Young horse

Underpants NDP

'Out of the sister of former 1m60 winners Zeta de Hus and Bonito Z'

35. Underpants NDP

Copycat Z x Titanic

°2020 Gelding Young horse


'Makes you fall in love instantly'

30. Passimo-Rijke

Diarado x Boss

°2020 Gelding Young horse


'All-round with a capital letter'

39. Orenzo

Chapeau TN x Jazz

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Frozen Embryo

'Grandmother Illusionata jumped CSI5* Grand Prix Aachen'

43. Frozen Embryo

Heartbreaker x Nabab de Reve

Embryo Frozen embryo ICSI

Frozen Embryo

'From the full sister of Emerald and Diamanthina'

41. Frozen Embryo

Eldorado van de zeshoek TN x Diamant de Semilly

Embryo Frozen embryo ICSI

Askario Uno

'DSP Alice, Asca Z, Aragon Z.. '

38. Askario Uno

Askari x Numero Uno

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Priscellia V.L.

'Praised for her attitude and qualities'

37. Priscellia V.L.

Inaico VDL x Chin Chin

°2020 Mare Young horse

One Star

'It's written in the stars'

40. One Star

Hermantico x Quick Star

°2019 Mare Young horse

Frozen Embryo

'Mother: former Belgian champion later jumped 1m60'

44. Frozen Embryo

Conthargos x Chippendale Z

Embryo Frozen embryo ICSI

Frozen Embryo

'Chacco Blue, direct from the 1m60 Grand Prix mare Sterrehof's Ushi'

47. Frozen Embryo

Chacco Blue x Vigo 'd Arsouilles

Embryo Frozen embryo

Frozen Embryo

'Grandmother HH Ciske van Overis successful at 1m60 level'

46. Frozen Embryo

Emerald x For Pleasure

Embryo Frozen embryo ICSI

Frozen Embryo

'Back on Panama du Seigneur: proven top progenitor'

42. Frozen Embryo

Cornet Obolensky x Kassander van't Roosakker

Embryo Frozen embryo ICSI


'Bravado for a real one'

32. Pax GPH

Kaiden x Coolcorran Cool Diamond

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Frozen Embryo

'Grandmother the famous 1m55 performer Geena van t Roosakker'

50. Frozen Embryo

Chacco Blue x Echo van Spieveld

Embryo Frozen embryo

Frozen Embryo

'Mother herself 1m45: strain of Emerald'

49. Frozen Embryo

Chacco Blue x Diamant de Semilly

Embryo Frozen embryo ICSI

Frozen Embryo

'Back on Ligie: mother an 15 internationals!'

51. Frozen Embryo

Emerald x Vigo d'Arsouilles

Embryo Frozen embryo ICSI

Frozen Embryo

'From the sister to the famous Carthina Z'

45. Frozen Embryo

Balou du Reventon x Kannan

Embryo Frozen embryo ICSI

Frozen Embryo

'Grand Prix genes: out of daughter of the 1m60 graded Absie & top line Urmina'

48. Frozen Embryo

Emerald x Kannan

Embryo Frozen embryo ICSI

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