'Brother of the 1m55 classified Alouette vh Lambroeck'
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May 21, 2023, 10:13:00 PM

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Talking about interesting genetics: Diamant de Semilly paired with the dam of, among others, the 1m55 classified Alouette van het Lambroeck. Their half-sister Donatelle van het Lambroeck also performed at an internatinal 1m60 level. Whereby the ability seems to be deeply anchored in this lineage. Just recently, Ulrik's nephew received the approval of the Zangersheide studbook. He himself is a beautifully modelled and athletic Diamant descendant. One straight from the stud farm. Who could have been a bit looser with the free-jumping. But that compensates with attitude, sharpness and scope. Accepts the challenge. With the knowledge that he is surrounded by names that have already proven themselves in the five-star.


Date of birth 04-06-2020 (ET)
Gender Stallion
Color Dark bay
Studbook BWP
Height +/- 163m
VAT 0.00%



Diamant de Semilly
Le tot de Semilly
Grand Veneur
Venue du Tot
Venise des Cresles
Miss des Cresles
Ulrike v/h Lambroeck (CSI 1.40m)
Capitol I
Viola XI
Quitona v/h Lambroeck
Chiin Chin
Noblesse v/h Lambroeck
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