FIRST Foals June 2020

FIRST Foals June 2020

Ended on Jun 21, 2020, 8:30 PM

27 foal , 1 straw

Status: Closed
Conditions: Click here
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Ended auctions

Viper Key SR Z

“Een rechtstreekse Roosakker"

2. Viper Key SR Z

Verdi TN x Bentley van de Heffinck

°2020 Stallion Foal ET

Original Straw CHACCO BLUE!

´THE one-and-only CHACCO BLUE´

1. Original Straw CHACCO BLUE!

Chambertin x Contender

Embryo Straw

Puchachomalo d´n Hop

“From a 1.40m classified mother

4. Puchachomalo d´n Hop

Entertainer x Cardento

°2020 Stallion Foal


“One approved stallion preceded you”

3. Pardon

Hardrock Z x Calvaro Z

°2020 Mare Foal

Palm Beach RV

“Made for the USA”

5. Palm Beach RV

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Grand Pilot I (Pennsylvania)

°2020 Stallion Foal

Pexto d´n Hop

“Heartbreaker in the dam line always performs”

8. Pexto d´n Hop

Kempinski x Heartbreaker

°2020 Stallion Foal


“Halfbrother to the American National Horse of the Year”

12. Potjandosie

Gullit HBC x Mermus R

°2020 Stallion Foal

Panamera Z

“Half-brother to the 1.45m classified DON JUAN”

6. Panamera Z

Panenka de Kalvarie x Heartbreaker

°2020 Stallion Foal


“Mare inspection mother: 90 points exterior, 85 points jumping”

7. Pyacintha-O

Billy Congo x Cantos

°2020 Mare Foal

Casanova SIH Z

“All in one”

11. Casanova SIH Z

Colorit Z x Diamant de Semilly

°2020 Stallion Foal

Honesty van CH

“A Holsteiner foundation combined with Heartbreaker”

15. Honesty van CH

Hardrock Z x Corrado I

°2020 Stallion Foal

Prison Break

“Out of the half-sister to the 1.50m jumping KWPN stallion FREEDOM”

21. Prison Break

Balou du Reventon x Quidam de Revel

°2020 Stallion Foal

Euforisch van de Gangerhoeve Z

“Full brother 1.60m GP, full sister 1.50m GP”

9. Euforisch van de Gangerhoeve Z

El barone III Z x Toulon

°2020 Mare Foal

Pina Colada v/d Kalevallei

“Invest in the damline of FIUMICINO, SISSI and KASHMIR”

14. Pina Colada v/d Kalevallei

Omano BC x Eldorado v/d Zeshoek

°2020 Mare Foal

Emmalique RV Z

“Mother is half-sister to 9 international showjumpers”

17. Emmalique RV Z

Emerald x Mr. Blue

°2020 Mare Foal ET

Colpraline Champion Z

“The dam line of World Cup winner SIMON”

19. Colpraline Champion Z

Colman x Whitesnake

°2020 Mare Foal

Dominard van de Reeberg Z

`It´s all about scope, damline DOUGLAS`

24. Dominard van de Reeberg Z

Dominator Z x Cicero Z

°2020 Stallion Foal

Ushuaia AEG

“Straight out of 1.50m jumping mare TEREUSA”

20. Ushuaia AEG

Vigo ´d Arsouilles x Heartbreaker

°2020 Mare Foal

Parrera Blue SIH

“KWPN index captain Harmonie”

23. Parrera Blue SIH

Carrera VDL x Mr. Blue

°2020 Mare Foal


“Out of an KWPN approved stallion mother”.

27. Platino-Larus

Kallas x Lupicor

°2020 Stallion Foal

Poker Face VK

“Mother halfsister Zangersheide and KWPN approved stallions REGINO and HEINEKEN”

16. Poker Face VK

Cornet Obolensky x Namelus R

°2020 Stallion Foal ET

True Z

“Out of half-sister to Christian Ahlmann’s CASUALITY Z”

18. True Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Lasino

°2020 Mare Foal ET

Diva RV Z

“Athletic powerhouse, out top sport damline”

26. Diva RV Z

Ducati van Schuttershof x Vigo ´d Arsouilles

°2020 Mare Foal

Hayley van het Oosthof Z

“Filly out of the full sister to EMERALD”

13. Hayley van het Oosthof Z

Halifax van het Kluizebos x Diamant de Semilly

°2020 Mare Foal ISCI

Colecasall van SPR Z

`Grandmothers sister to the stallions ACCORD`

28. Colecasall van SPR Z

Colman x Casall ASK

°2020 Stallion Foal

Paloubet van de Horst

“A modern Baloubet out of an international dam line”

25. Paloubet van de Horst

Baloubet du Rouet x Lux Z

°2020 Stallion Foal ISCI

Maserati RV Z

`Straight out of World Cup mare ILUSIONATA VAN´T MEULENHOF´

10. Maserati RV Z

Matisse de Mariposa x Nabab de reve

°2020 Stallion Foal ET

Take off Z

“3 international jumping horses out of the grandmother cleared the way already”

22. Take off Z

Tobago Z x Cumano

°2020 Mare Foal ET

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