Sep 24, 2023

Indeed. Once again, we managed to put together a wonderful collection. And once again, we received help from unexpected quarters. Gilles Thomas who set Lanaken on fire by becoming Belgian champion with top talent Ermitage Kalone, for example. We have the pleasure of presenting three of his offspring. Or the victory of Cornet's Ibero and Denis Lynch in The Sires of the World. And you guessed it: we have also sired a Cornet with the lineage of top French stallions Flipper d'Elle and Urano de Cartigny. To sum up: it is once again worth looking around. Registration is free. And bidding... that might just turn out well. We go online on Thursday. And the auction will end on Sunday next from 8pm. For questions, we are always available. Because we are happy to share our tips. Have fun. And of course... good luck!

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