Aug 13, 2023

That was it. Our third round goes into the books as very successful. Especially as we again managed to find the right buyer for an auction item in 36 out of 39 cases. Fortunately, the run-up to the auction already looked good. And this well-balanced and sporty collection quickly attracted suitable interest. 

What was striking this time, besides loyal returning customers, was that a remarkable number of newly interested parties managed to find their way to the HorseSales.Auction. 

This time, we were able to hand over a HorseSales.Auction reference to new buyers from Portugal, Turkey, France, Poland, Italy, Finland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and England. 

Championata RV was crowned auction topper this time. And leaves for €25,000 to a returning Grand Prix rider from Panama. Also well in the market was the strong-moving Comfetti Z. A Comme il Faut son who will enrich the stables of a fanatical and inspired Dutch rider for €16,000. For the same amount, Wildcard Cornet's Ulme will travel to Portugal from Germany. Cameron RV attracted the interest of a Swiss Grand Prix rider for €15,000. And the Chacco Blue out of Emerald's full sister's dam leaves for €14,500 to a Belgian/Italian syndicate. No fewer than six foals reached the €14,000 mark including Kindly Blue Joy, Elyounoussi Siraxta, Cayenne AEG, Extra Ciske RV, Thraseia Eickenrode and Citykey SR. 

Needless to say, we are grateful and proud that we could once again reward the trust of our breeders and buyers. And we confidently look forward to our 2 September video day which will capture the next auction from 28 September to 1 October.


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