May 13, 2022

We often say. Something for everyone. And this time we want to agree with that. For the paternity of the foals sign again resounding names. Take top sires Chacco Blue, Cumano, For Pleasure, Comme il Faut, Emerald and Cornet Obolensky. They are all represented. But so are young stars like Carrera, Pegase, Chubakko and even Mister Hornet DDH. Foals that appeal to the imagination both in type and in movement. And each and every one of them can present an interesting paper. To also give riders and investors who want to start right away a chance, the foal collection is completed with a lot of young jumpers. All have recently been inspected. All with their own specific qualities. And all in our opinion good enough for a career in the jumping ring. Look around, orientate yourself. Feel free to ask us where necessary. And, good luck next week!


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