Jun 22, 2020

HorseSales.Auction starts with a bang!!

The First Foals edition of HorseSales.Auction has been a great succes. The total amount from 27 foals and a original straw of Chacco Blue nearly catches the 300.000 euro. Top price was paid for Hayley van het Oosthof Z. She moves for 28.500 euro to a Spanish showjumping family. Remarkable detail. No less then 9 out of 27 foals have been sold above the 10k.

Organizers Harold Renken and Chris de Heer are looking back with great statisfaction. “For us its been more then succesfull. We’ve sold online almost all of the auction foals. With an avarage price from over 11.000 euro. As a new auction platform this is above expectations. We’re happy for both, sellers and buyers. Who all had trust in this project.”

His partner Chris de Heer joins that opinion. “No matter the time period. Quality always sells. We’re more then proud to complete a first edition with such a result.”

Not only the top priced Hayley van ht Oosthof Z topped the rankings. Maserati RV Z, from the same tribe, has been sold to a Dutch investor for 21.000 euro. Vigo d’Arsouilles daughter Ushuaia AEG catches the 18.500 and filly Euforisch van de Gangerhoeve leaves Europe for 16.000 euro. 

HorseSales.Auction is overwhelmed with the results and the reactions. But looks already ahead. “For sure we’d like to continue this project. Breeders have been calling us since we released our collection. It seems to be time to statisfy our customers again.”

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