Mar 7, 2021

After 3 days off bidding we will reacht the final tonight. A different path towards that final. Cause the spread out of the Rhino virus dominates the equestrian world at the moment. As an auction, we took our responsibility to secure a negative Rhino certificate to eacht sold horse.

Altough, we still had a lot of interest in the auction horses. Many people did found their way to our website. And did saw youngster at their best. Great jumping movies, fantastic pictures. And recent vet checks including x-rays who are open for public. 

Still a lot of youngsters are at affortable prices. Great models. Fantastic pedigrees. And recently vetted horses are worth a try buying for the amount they are at. So take that chance, cause an oppurtunity like this might passes onces. Is it u who gets a HorseSales.Auction reference in its stable. Lets hope so, good luck!

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