Apr 10, 2024

The first foals have now been born. And with that, we have already been able to select these first items for our auction. Having said that: indeed we are already on our way. After four successful auction years, HorseSales.Auction is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. And we are now doing so flanked by the necessary references. Your foal could be one of them. Because when you have an interesting jumper-bred foal. With an athletic model and balanced movements. We are interested in including them in one of our five auction editions. Mail to or contact Chris (+31653887964) or Harold (+31629428559). And then we hope to be of service to each other (also) this season!

1st video day: 27 April (23/26 May auction)

2nd video day: 1 June (20/23 June auction)

3rd video day: 20 July (8/11 August auction)

4th video day: 7 September (26/29 September auction)

5th video day: 28 September (17-20 October auction)

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