May 12, 2023

This first 2023 round is always exciting. In more ways than one. Because what will be born. And what can we offer in our collection. During the breeders' meeting in January, it soon became clear that interesting pairings had been made again. Although in some cases the birth was delayed for a long time due to the cold and wet spring. Nevertheless, we managed to put together an interesting lot. Foals that apart from an interesting paper also convinced in type and movement. Each foal has its own story. Including the usual strong points. And the final choice is then up to you. For the first time, a yearling is also included in the collection. A Heartbreaker mare out of Grand Prix winner Funky Music. With a recent inspection. We all want those in our stables anyway! Feel free to look around. Because we think that with the addition of a bunch of fine young jumpers, there is something for everyone in this First Foals 2023 collection!

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