Apr 25, 2023

This Saturday is (thankfully) the time of the year again. At the familiar video location of the HorseSales.Auction, the first foals will make their appearance. It's still early. It's still chilly. But, just that early freshness gives us extra energy to show you the newest batch of 2023 foals. Many more births will follow. And that also takes many selection moments with it. So register your foal on time. And who knows, maybe we will see each other behind the scenes of a wonderful 2023 foaling season!

29 April filming: 18 - 21 May auction

May 27 filming: 15 - 18 June auction

July 22 filming: August 10 - 13 auction

September 2 filming: Sept. 28 auction - October 1 auction

Sept. 30 filming: Oct. 19 - 22 auction


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