Dec 18, 2023

Top seller Vico Tivoli to Kees van den Oetelaar for €47,000 
What a season finale! Yes, we had put together a great collection. And received the confidence of our breeders. Who provided a 50% contribution. But these results always come as a surprise. The AES reserve champion had explicitly put himself in the spotlight during the auction. And could count on interest from America, Germany, Ireland and... the Netherlands. It was AES foreman Kees van den Oetelaar who had the last bid at €47,000. And is delighted with his purchase. 'I was crazy about it from the first jump. What a horse. One like that gets every chance from me. I have very high expectations and will definitely offer him for stud next year.' 
A great reference for the HorseSales.Auction. Which sees Ultimo HR leave for €26,000 to a returning Portuguese customer. This offspring from the first crop of Ermitage Kalone attracted fans beforehand. And we will undoubtedly see him back next year in the four-year-old classes.  
Poland was in the market for no less than three young show jumpers. Among them were Emeraldo PB Z (€24,000), Copy Minka (€12,000) and Pikina Field (€13,000).  
That HorseSales.Auction's customer base is still growing was also shown by interest from Norway and South Africa. New investors who came out on top were Versace vh Zaveleinde (€24,000) and Tabitha vh Poeleinde (€21,000).  
Behind the scenes, the HorseSales.Auction team has been working hard with an eye on next year. And the first young horse auction is scheduled from 29 February to 3 March. By the way, the other dates will be online from tonight! 
On behalf of team HSA, we wish all a prosperous equestrian & healthy New Year.  
Team HorseSales.Auction Harold Renken & Chris de Heer

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