Jun 28, 2020

The second editon from the HorseSales.Auction will take place from 13-16 august. As u can expect, will quality be the main priority for the second edition. Behind the screens over 20 foals are already selected. And inside information sounds very promising. 

After the succesfull fist edition Harold Renken and Chris de Heer descided to put, together with their team, shoulders on a second edition. "We had a lot of positive respons", Renken says. "First of all we're happy for the breeders. In a difficult period we've proven that clients still want to invest in interesting foals. But also the clients gave us the energy to continue with this project. We had a great first collection. And from that standard we've worked on a second edition."

Chris de Heer joins that powerfull opinion. "In our first edition we felt what the market is looking for. Top bred filly's from proven international damlines. And colts from proven fathers with a correct sportif model. With those information we worked on the second collection. And to be honest, i cant wait to reveal it. 

Curious already? U still have to wait till the beginning of august when everything is coming together. But mark in your scedule the second edition from HorseSales.Auction which will take place from 13-16 august 20:00 (CEST). 

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